Are you intellectual if you read?


So I bought this book a couple of days ago. I’m already halfway through it… and the craziest thing is that I bought another book about beauty and makeup the same day. Almost two books in two days.
I used to be really good at reading and I liked it a lot… I guess I still do. After I started studying it feels like I have had too much to read already and not enough time for reading something that relaxes me. But makeup books are easy to read and have lots of interesting stuff in them. This book is probably what ‘convinced’ me to make a new blog – that and finding a couple of new beauty blogs through the past days.  I even read everything about putting makeup on skins with other ethnicities than my own, how to do makeup for photo shoots, runways. To put it simple – I read everything, even things that I can’t put into use for myself.
An interesting thing is, that almost every makeup book I have read have different opinions on makeup. Some say you should never line your inner rim of the eye and others recommend it for making a more dramatic look. Things like that make me realize that I should probably do whatever I like the best as long as it makes me feel comfortable, but remember never to stop experimenting.

Do you get inspiration from reading books about makeup and beauty? Or do you stick to blogs?


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5 Responses to Are you intellectual if you read?

  1. I myself have about 5 beauty books which look lovely on my book stand but I have to admit I didn’t really get past 5 pages! Theory absolutely needs to go hand in hand with practical.

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