Exposing myself


So today I’m risking it all!
I actually managed to take a photo of myself today.. and it could have looked worse! (the towel wrapped around my head is only there because I just showered, I’m not going to leave it there)
Today is a no-makeup-day because I’m going to my friend’s place later for a girl’s night in. We’re going to make food or order sushi, make some cocktails and sit in all night, watching movies and doing facials. I’m looking so much forward to it, since I almost never do these things.
So I thought you deserved to see what I’m going to look like all day. I don’t plan on going out before I really have to. It is a very rare occasion for me to go a whole day without makeup. I’m sure my skin will love it though.
I will make sure to take some photos tonight and tell you about it.
I really hope I don’t scare you off with this photo of me. Maybe it is a little to early to expose myself like that?

Do you always wear makeup or only on special occasions? 



About endyrved

Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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4 Responses to Exposing myself

  1. I like to give my poor face days off! Your skin looks amazing though!

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