Change of plans

Okay! My friend cancelled our girl’s-night-in because she had no money. So she offered me to reschedule and then she will pay for food and drink next time.
Instead I went to a party at my school. It turned out to be really fun. When I went to school parties last year, they became rather dull as the year went on. But with all of the new students it was really funny and lively. A famous singer performed at the party – I didn’t know any of his songs or who he was until he played the last song, which i recognized from the radio.
After the party I went the a bar downtown especially for students at the University of Copenhagen. Everybody can get in, but it is meant to be a place for fellow students to meet up and have a good time.
My no-makeup-day turned into a use-makeup-day anyway. I normally never wear foundation unless for really formal gatherings or events. But I really felt like using it again, since it’s been a while. So if my skin looks more covered up in these photo that’s why.




So this is the makeup I wore, if you’re interested in what the look consists of, please feel free to ask.
I also went out yesterday to see some of my old school mates from way back, whom I only see on really rare occasions. I have some photos of my look for that night, but you will have to wait to see them.
I hope you’ve all had a really nice weekend!

Do you wear foundation every day or only on special occasions like me?


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Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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