Last look of the weekend



This is the makeup I did for saturday when I went out with my old friends from school. It looks a lot like the look from friday. The biggest difference is probably the eyeliner. Unfortunately it looks brown in these photos – actually it’s dark purple. The eye shadow is almost the same, but i only used two shades and a highlighter, whereas I used three for my look on friday.

So now you’ve seen a little bit of my not-so-outrageous party looks. What do you think so far?
I wont be posting makeup looks this often, but I felt like it was a good way to start out.

A couple of days ago I ordered the new Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection and I hope to receive it one of the next couple of days. I look so much forward to trying it out and telling you about it. I have read a lot of different reviews about the set. What struck me to be a general thing about this set is that the brushes aren’t very dense. Some people complained a lot about this, but I believe it is perfect for me.
Like I have mentioned before I almost never wear foundation – at least not on an everyday basis and the same for bronzer and blush – so if this brush set makes it easier to apply light, subtle layers of colour I’m pretty sure I’ll love it.

Have any of you tried this brush set and what do you think of it?


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