Skin types: Normal

normal skin

This is my first post about skin types. In these kinds of posts I will describe the features of different skin types and how to take good care of it.
So, normal skin it is!


  • Usually this skintype won’t bother you and it will feel comfortable all day
  • The skin is well hydrated and not too oily
  • The texture should be mostly even and the pores should be small
  • Persons with normal skin type can still experience shiny areas and larger pores – especially in the T-zone

Taking care of the skin

Even though your skin is good at balancing its oil content and hydration it will still appreciate a regular cleansing and exfoliation routine. You can use lightweight moisturizers and sunscreen and you don’t need to take specific care of any farts of your face. If you experience shine, you can use a transparent powder or one that suits your skin colour during the day to suck up the extra oil. You need to drink a lot of water throughout the day to maintain a hydrated skin.

Do you have normal skin type? if not, then which type is yours?


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Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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