Skin types: Combination



I actually didn’t want to do another of these posts too soon, but I have been incredibly busy the past two days so I’m doing this now – and I’ll take some time in the weekend to write more creative posts.


  • Areas of the skin that feels different (ex. some dry, some oily spots)
  • Larger pores in oily areas (usually the T-zone)
  • Usually oily T-zone and dry cheeks

Skin care
The the different areas of your face accordingly. This may mean that you have to buy two creams instead of one and double as many (or more) cleansing and exfoliating products. Mae sure to add plenty of moisture to dry areas – and to oily as well (but avoid creams containing oil in these areas). Don’t use too harsh product on the oily areas unless they are really blemished. Nourishing face masks will often be really good for this kind of skin.


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