Bobbi Brown: Rich chocolate eye palette


I have been on a waiting list for this palette! It arrived later than expected so when I finally got a call from the store, telling me that I could come and collect it I was ecstatic!
I absolutely adore matte, brown shades – and glitter ones for that matter.
And as for the matte colors I wasn’t disappointed. They are super pigmented and easy to work with and blend together. The shades are perfect for creating both day- and nighttime looks.
If you like matte, brown shades of eye shadow I can definitely recommend this palette. As for the glittery shades I cant really figure out what I think of them. I think I am a little disappointed because I expected them to be more pigmented. It takes many layers to get a really visible colour on the lid, and I thought it would go on as easy as with the matte colours. With that said I actually really like the glitters and I sure will use them at some point, when I accept that they aren’t as opaque as I thought.

The best thing about this palette is that you can use all colours. Very often, when you buy a palette, there will be some shades that you never use, but I can say for sure that all of these will be used and cherished.
In the photo of the palette above it is missing the brush that comes with it. I took it out and placed it with my other brushes (i always keep all of my brushes together).

Have you tried this palette and if so, what do you think of it?


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