Skin types: Dry



I have also had trouble with dry skin. The skin on my cheeks get really dry – especially during winter. I haven’t given it much thought up until about now (maybe two years ago). Like I have told you before I never really use foundation, and about two years ago I didn’t use any at all. But when I finally went out to find my first high-end foundation, I realized just how dry my skin really is. I had to get a special kind of foundation that adds extra moisture to the skin. I use moisturizing creams morning and evening now, but I still have to get some really good one for them to really work on my skin.


  • Feels tight after cleansing (or even before)
  • Develod wrinkles and lines faster since the skin’s elasticity is worse than normal
  • Very small pores (or entirely invisible)
  • Can be flaky if it’s really bad
  • Is more sensitive and might react more to makeup and is more prone to rashes
  • Feels uneven is stroked gently

Skin care
Dry sin can really benefit from a healthy diet(especially foods with high water content) and a sufficient, daily water intake (at least eight glasses). Things that can cause dehydration of the skin (and the rest of the body) are f.ex. caffeine and alcohol – try to limit the intake of these thinks to two glasses a day (of course you can drink more on special occasions, but be sure to drink extra water with it). Dry skin needs an efficient cream to add extra moisture and protect the skin’s natural oils. putting on several layers of different types of moisturizers can be really effective. Start with a lightweight oil or cream and add one or two layers of a thinker, richer cream on top of it. Also, putting on moisturizer before you go to bed can be a good thing. Whether or not you use proper night cream, it will help. If you really want some extra hydration during your hours at home you can get a humidifier (it’s works better for dry environments), but this is absolutely not a must.


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