Pixi: pearly eye pencil



I am so sorry! I almost forgot about this post! I have decided not to show you what the black pencil looks like ‘in action’ but this one I had to!

This is my first really light coloured eye pencil except for my white one. And it is wonderful for highlighting. I haven’t tried it in the inner rim, but for what i’ve used it for it has been just great! It is incredibly easy to highlight your inner or outer corners of the eye with this one (like I’ve done in the photo above). I wouldn’t recommend it for highlighting the brow bone since the colour is really opaque, but I will definitely consider using this more often – and maybe my golden eye pencil from MAC for highlighting too?  I guess it would have the same effect.

Du you ever use eye pencils for highlighting (except for a white one in the inner rim)?


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Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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