First of all I’m sorry for not having posted as much as I usually do! I have had some personal issues and matters, which I have been very concerned about and they may have consumed me a little too much. besides from that I have just started a new project at work – it also takes up a lot of time.

But! Enough about that! I think you should see what I went as for halloween this year. I don’t work with fake blood or wax or any special effects. Also I only had half an hour to get ready! This is not an excuse but more of a heads up – you don’t have to spend several days/weeks planning and several hours putting on makeup (unless you REALLY care about how you look for halloween.
As you might or might not have guessed I went as Wednesday Addams. I know she doesn’t wear makeup, but I couldn’t resist putting some on anyway.
My lips were more pale, but unfortunately you can’t see it here. Furthermore I put on a little white highlighter on my forehead and cheek bones after taking these pictures – sorry I didn’t get a photo after that, but I was a little stressed, I admit that. I also made some snacks. I filled half tomatoes with guacamole and cut black olives to look like spiders and bats to put on top.

What or who did you go as for this year’s halloween?



About endyrved

Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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