Lipstick Basics


There are so many types of lipstick to choose from. So many colors, and so many brands.
It can be really hard to navigate in this jungle. So I thought I would give you a basic explanation of different types of lipstick/lip coloring and what they can do for you!

Lip pencil: Also known as lipliners, because they are typically used to outline the lips before putting on lipstick. It has the same consistency as eyeliners. It’s texture helps make the lips symmetrical, make an even contouring of the lips and keeps lipstick from ‘bleeding’ into the fine lines around the mouth. It Can also be used to color the whole lip for a long-lasting effect – also underneath the lipstick to make it stay on for longer.
Don’t wear lipliner that is visibly darker than the colour of lipstick you have chosen, and always keep the shades int he same colour-family.

Lip gloss: Usually applied on the centre of the lip or all over it to create shine and make the lips appear fuller. Can be used with or without lipstick underneath. There are both transparent and very pigmented ones, so you don’t have to wear lipstick underneath it. Lipstick is NOT long-lasting and needs to be reapplied often.

Sheer lipstick: A little like the pigmented lip glosses but a not liquid. Creates a subtle colouring with shine. This also needs to be applied often due to its high oil content. This kind of lipstick is often nourishing and can be used as a substitute for chapstick.
Sheer colors are very modern right now, but even though it seems like an easy choise darker shades can need a practiced hand for it to look good.

Cream lipstick: A little more pigmented than the sheer lipstick but in stead of oils it often contains light waxes to moisturize the lips. Requires frequent reapplication.

Moisturizing lipstick: Almost the same as cream – it moisturizes a little better, like sheer lipsticks but has the same pigmentation as cream lipsticks. It usually contains vitamins (most likely E-vitamin) or aloe vera. As for the last shiny lipsticks it doesn’t last very long.
Cream and moisturizing lipstick can also make the lips appear fuller by catching the light.

Frosted lipstick: Shimmery shades containing light reflecting mica – comes in short to medium-lasting versions.
Use shimmery or iridescent lipsticks in the centre of the bottom lip to catch the light and make the lips appear fuller.

Transfer resistant lipstick: Not as shiny as the ones already mentioned. It can feel dry, but lasts up to 8 hour though it can be compromised if you eat or drink during the hours of wearing it, but it doesn’t cease or come off as easily as other kinds of lipstick.

Matte lipstick: Very pigmented shades mut also very moisture-poor. This kind of lipstick contains powders to make the pigments opaque and even. ususally long-lasting

Long-wearing: Can feel very dry, and can dry out the lips if you don’t make sure to moisturize them well before applying the lipstick. Very resistant and long-lasting. If you have a tendency to dry lips aim for one that contains E-vitamin, aloe vera or ceramics to keep the lips more hydrated.

General tips

  • Make sure to bring a lipstick to cover up areas where it fades or to retouch during the day or night
  • You should never buy a lipstick because it looks good on somebody else – always try it on first! It will might not look the same or as good on you
  • Lip colour is subjective. f.ex. it needs to suit your skin tone and sometimes hair. Usually the most flattering colours bear some resemblance to your natural lip color
  • Colours often look different in the tubes than on the lips. Your lip tone and chemical composition will affect the way a lipstick reads on your lips.

What kind of lipstick do like the best?


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