Review: The Balm’s Staniac in the colour Beauty Queen


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First of all; yes! I know I’m not posting much these days, but like I told you in my last post I am suuuper busy. Now personal issues aren’t the the reason, but I’m really stressed out about my school, assignments, exams and work.

NOW to the review!
I have had this for a while but I stopped using it a while ago. There are lots of good things about this product, but also some downsides which unfortunately makes it more complicated for me to wear it.

Colour: I love this pink/berry colour and I love how you can choose how transparent you want it to be. Sometimes you need a subtle hint of colour and sometimes its great with a bold pink lip. The colour can be little hard to put on when you’re not used to it. It is very jelly-like and you have to put in a little effort for the colour to be distributed evenly on the lips. BUT! a not-perfect and stained look is very popular at the moment, and this is great for that.

Consistency: Like I said, it is really jelly-like but thin. I like how it dries out and doesn’t stay sticky. That is one of the reasons why I’m not too fond of lip gloss; they are so sticky – and with long hair in a windy weather it’s a horrible combination. So that is a great thing about this product.

Package: see through with a silver, plastic  cap. It doesn’t look too expensive or luxurious, but it works!  The size is good for my little purse and it’s easy to take with you – like it should be.

Moisture: NOT GOOD! It’s like with most stains. if you have a tendency to dry lips make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before you use this. If you’re going out bring both lip balm and the stain to maintain you great looks throughout the night. I’m really sort of addicted to lip balm, and use it very often. If became a little annoying for me having to reapply so often, but I do have a huge lip balm consumption! if you don’t mind go checking yourself in the mirror from time to time, there should be no problem. And if your lips are naturally well moisturized, lucky you! Go for it.

In general I do like this product, and I should start using it more often again. There are definitely more pros than cons for this one! And for the prize it is definitely worth buying.


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