CoolCos Lipstick Haul


IMG_0008Sot he other day I went on a lipstick haul. I found these colors that I really liked and ordered 8 lipsticks. It’s front he danish brand CoolCos. they make drugstore-priced products but they’re all natural with no added perfume or parabens. I ordered two kinds of lipstick as you can see in the photos. The upper colors are not as opaque as the lower ones (you have probably already noticed this as well), and for wearing these your lips need to be really soft, well-moisturized an exfoliated – this it important to make the color come on evenly. But if you make sure the prepare your lips the colors come on really beautifully and they last for a really long time. The other kind of lipstick is more creamy and heavily saturated. Their longevity is really good for creamy lipsticks.
YES! i Have tried a better quality of lipsticks but for the price (9$) it’s a really good investment. The colors are great for everyday use  and they don’t seem to ‘bleed’ into the tiny wrinkles around the mouth, which means you can wear them without using a lip pencil first. Unfortunately I don’t think the company delivers to other countries than Denmark ( too bad!), but if you ever get to Denmark you should definitely visit one of their stores or order something online. And for the danish readers – lucky you, you can check out their website and products HERE.
I must add; the really light pink colour… you absolutely need to be tan to wear this so now I’m really looking forward to the summer so that I can really get to wear it.

I Wish you all a really nice weekend with lots of opportunities for showing off your gorgeous makeup looks!


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  1. I’m a sucker for lipsticks. Such pretty shades 🙂

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