Project: Testing Coconut Oil

IMG_0016Now it’s finally time to do my big project! Lately I have been reading soooo much about coconut oil and its fantastic abilities to cure yeast infections, make your lashes longer and stronger, help digestion and be a great moisturizing oil for face, body and hair.

I have decided to try out all of the alleged beauty-uses for this multi-purpose product. I will not test how well it works on my digestion or for cooking, since it’s not what this blog is about – you’re going to have to do that yourselves 🙂 . I will however risk getting serious acne by smearing this oil all over my face, hoping that it is as antibacterial as it is said to be. I will also make scrubs and overall test its moisturizing and antibacterial properties. I hope you’ll follow, and that you might learn as much as I.

Have a great day, and stay tuned for my first testing.



About endyrved

Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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