Coconut Oil TEST 1: Makeup Remover

IMG_0017I have, for the past couple of days, tried to use the coconut oil for makeup removal. And it’s fine! I usual don’t like oily makeup removers, since they make my eyelids super oily (duh!?!) and it doesn’t feel good on my skin. However I have given this a chance and I’m pleasantly surprised. YES it is oily, but it doesn’t feel as bad as with the oily makeup removers I have previously tried. Supposedly the coconut oil makes your lashed stronger and helps them grow, therefore I am testing that as well, and in a couple of weeks I will let you know how it has worked out.
If you decide to try the coconut oil out for makeup removal i recommend that you warm up the oil a little (it has a melting point at 25 degrees (celcius)) to make it easer for it to get sucked up by the cotton pad. I just let some warm water run over the glass for a little while. Or you can pick some of the hardened coconut oil up with a spoon and put it on a cotton pad (it will melt when it touches your skin). The oil also works  with waterproof makeup, which I really like, even though I almost never wear it.
To conclude, I prefer my regular makeup remover over this for regular makeup (unless it helps my lashed grow, then I might like this better), but I would prefer this for waterproof makeup over the other ones I would normally use. I cross my fingers and hope it helps my lashes grow. This is a really cheap way of removing your makeup and a little oil goes a long way, especially for the cost of it.



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