Blue/gray makeup

IMG_0018 IMG_0019This friday I went to a friend’s party, and I had a really good time! It had been many months since I last saw him, so it was great! I just wanted to show you my makeup from that night! I wore an ashy petroleum/navy coloured buttoned shirt and thought I would make my makeup i similar colours.  In the picture at the top you can se a greenish… I’m not sure why, but I assure you at was more blue, haha! I also used a gunpowder shade, and it made the blue significantly more subtle, but I liked it that way (I would not want to look like a dusty smurf ).

If you are wondering why I’m making this post now that I have started the coconut oil testing, I can inform you that it is because some of the testings take a really long time and I won’t present you with results that are not clear or might change after continuing the rutine.




About endyrved

Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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