Coconut Oil TEST 2: Hand and foot lotion

IMG_0020For the past week I have been using the coconut oil as a hand an foot lotion. I quickly realized that I shouldn’t use it throughout the day, while doing other things. Obviously the oil is very greasy and it takes a while for you skin to absorb all of the moisture. I found it to be a really good hand lotion that you can use while watching TV or something else that doesn’t require you to use your hands. It can leave stains on books and fabrics if it hasn’t absorbed when you start doing something.
I have only used the oil as a foot lotion during nighttime as I don’t  want to grease-up my socks or floor. But It leaves your feet really soft and if you give yourself a foot massage while you’re at it, it helps the oil getting sucked in the skin. This is great if you’ve been wearing heels all day and need to soothe your feet!

In short the coconut oil works really well, but it is very fatty and it takes a while for it to be absorbed into the skin. I recommend using it on your hands when you don’t have to use your hands for 5-10 minutes after rubbing it in. It’s a great overnight foot lotion og conditioner if you will. I don’t think I would use the oil for hand lotion during the summer though as I can imagine how long it will take for it to sink into the skin – but maybe you could use it overnight then?


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