Coconut oil TEST 4: Lash serum

Day 1

Day 1

After 1 weeks

After 1 week

After 2 weeks

After 2 weeks

After 3 weeks

After 3 weeks

I read so many good things about coconut oil, and one of the things I was really excited to try out was using it as a lash serum. For the past three weeks I have applied coconut oil to my lashes every evening before going to bed. I couldn’t really use it in the morning since it ruined the mascara and made it smear. The light and settings are a bit different in these photos since the weather has been changing a lot, and the time of day, where I had time to take the photos varied. But! I believe that you can still see the results. I am not too sure if I see things because I want to, if the oil has had some kind of placebo effect, or if it really has helped my lashes. I have experienced that my lashes have gotten more dense – you can see it in the photos where the amount and density of the lashes has become more even with no places missing lashes. i’m not sure if it has made my lashes grow – I haven’t really noticed any increased length, but maybe you see something I don’t? In general I’m really pleased with this and I will keep applying some coconut oil to my lashes every evening from now on. Who knows? Maybe it can get even better than this. I have tried other lash serums before, and I’m convinced that this has worked just as well if not better. I haven’t noticed fewer hairs coming off when removing my makeup, but it must be either that, or maybe the new hairs have grown out faster.
I actually applied it to my brows for a while as well, but in the middle of the ‘experiment’ I started getting an allergic reaction (it happens to me sometimes and it goes away after a couple of days. It’s gone now). I don’t know if it was due to the oil or my daily makeup, but I think I’ll try it out on my brows again, since I believe that I see a slight increase in the hairs’ density there as well.

Do you see any difference? Have you tried using coconut oil for your lashes?





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