Too Faced – Chocolate Bar Palette

IMG_0044Yessss, I finally got my hands on this beauty. I haven’t been waiting for a very long time but it sure felt as if I had. I’ve heard so much good about this palette, but also some not entirely positive reviews concerning the quality of the pigmentation of some of the shades. I have been really excited to try this out myself, and I think you should know how I feel about it.
First of all the outer packaging is super pretty. I somehow wish the actually palette case would look this nice – but I see how that could take away some of the chocolate theme.
IMG_0038I think the quality of the palette case is pretty good. It seems sturdy, and can handle somewhat of a rough handling. But you can press too hard down on the lid and make the upper edge slide down behind the lower one, which I think is a shame. It could have been prevented really easily with a tiny molding in the lower part. The case is, however, bigger than I expected it to be, which is very positive, since it means that the eye shadows aren’t as small as I could have feared.
IMG_0039The palette contains 16 shades all named something chocolate-y or dessert-y. The shades that aren’t named something chocolate-y have names of something that goes greatly with chocolate. I must say, the theme is very thorough. As many of you might know this palette is scented with real chocolate (also something that adds to the sweet experience). The scent wears off after you’ve opened the case some times.
IMG_0040The shades are absolutely beautiful if you ask me. They vary from matte to pearlescent to shimmery to glittery. There’s something for everybody. I have quite an amount of nude/neutral palettes already but this palette stands out as it contains some more outrageous colours as well (f.ex. Candied Violet, Cherry Cordial, and Strawberry Bonbon). This makes the palette perfect for both everyday and evening looks, where you can decide whether you want to add some more popping colours to your look. Still, with the few more ‘unnatural’ shades you get a full range of neutral shades from very pale ones to dark ones. This is pretty normal for neutral palettes I think, but still a really good thing, since it makes it easy for you to create a more dramatic look and you can easily change your school/work look into something more suited for going out.
IMG_0041With this palette comes a guide on how you can use the colours of the palette. I personally never use these, but it is a nice detail and can really help to inspire and help you getting started with this palette if you’re not to comfortable putting together shades yourself. It also tells you where to apply the different shades – these ways of applying eye shadow can be used with every set of colours, so you can use this as a guide for how to distribute other shades than the ones used here.
IMG_0045 IMG_0042As I told you the big thing about this palette and one of the things I really wanted to try out myself was the quality of the shades. I can tell you right away that I think they are better than how they have been reviewed on many sites. YES, the amount of pigmentation varies, but it’s usually like that with every range of colours in a palette. The shades that have been criticized most are the matte ones. I do agree that a couple of the matte one s aren’t as easy to blend and apply evenly as the shimmer ones (Triple Fudge & Milk Chocolate). With that said Milk Chocolate is decent, the worst of the shades have to be Triple Fudge. It’s sad since it’s a really nice colour int he palette. It can be worked into the skin and blended well enough but it takes extra work.
Yet, notice that this is only a problem with one (or who) shades – a fairly small part of the whole palette. I even experience eye shadows less pigmented than expected from high-end brands as Bobbi Brown (see THIS review). Over-all the shades are really well pigmented and have a great color pay-off with good texture and good blending abilities.

I am really very satisfied with this palette and I can’t wait to try out some looks and really get to know it. It is definitely worth the rather high price if you ask me.
If you’re looking for a neutral palette with a night-time potential you should definitely get your hands on this (or if you’re just looking for another great palette to add to your stash)!
So I hope this helped you, if you are looking into buying a new palette (this could be the one).



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