Soft smoke for everyone, everyday.

IMG_0048Today I decided to do a really light look, which everyone can wear no matter hair- or skin colour. I used only three shades from Smashbox’ Full Exposure palette. it took me 5 minutes to do, and it is super if you want to go for a light-makeup-day. I later added some red to my lips to glam up the look a little – depending on how comfortable you are with bright lip colours you can do the same – or not.
I usually always wear eyeliner, but this time I only added a medium-dark shade to my upper lash line and to a third of the lower one and I actually liked it – it makes the look very soft but I still think it frames my eyes nicely.

Do you wear eyeliner with every makeup look or can eyeshadow and mascara be enough for you?


About endyrved

Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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