Yet another golden (and rose) eye

IMG_0053I recently realized that it has been a good while since I put on eyeshadow with several colours, without contouring the crease. I remember how, in elementary school and early high school, I didn’t know about contouring the eyes. I always wore a light shadow up to the brow, a medium two thirds up to the brow and a darker medium or dark shade at the bottom of my lid. So I felt like it was time to try this look again and see if it’s as horrible as I imagine my makeup being back then (“imagine” since I can’t remember and don’t really have any photos of it. Damn!). It turned out really well if you ask me.  I did a rather light eye just to test it out, and because I think really dark shades on all of the lower lid makes my eyes look a little asian (don’t get me wrong, it can be just as beautiful, but I’m not asian so it would be weird putting on makeup to look like I was) or smaller.

What do you think about it? Do you always contour your eyes?

P.S. I have been extreeeemely busy lately and I apologize so much for not doing any coconut oil tests lately. Know that I haven’t forgotten about this I just want the tests to be thorough and take my time to make them so.



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Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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