Coconut Oil TEST 5: Body Scrub

IMG_0054Here it is! Finally I’ve had time to make the next coconut oil experiment. I have wanted to try to use the oil as a body scrub for a long time now. Somehow I have either not have time to take a long and relaxing shower and use the scrub, or I have just forgotten about it and remembered it just as I got out of the shower, sorry!
However, now I’ve had time to try this out a couple of times, and I only have one word to say about it: AMAZING.
This is so much better than I would have expected. I have used coconut oil mixed with white sugar, but you can use seasalt instead – what ever you like better (I will try to test this out at some point too and see which is better). This is the most moisturizing body scrub I have ever tried. It works a little like when you use body oil before showering – it protects your skin and it is at the same time really good for it. You can see how the water glances off after using the scrub, and this prevents the hot water from damaging the skin, as it can do. After using this scrub my skin doesn’t feel sticky or super oily it just feels really well hydrated and healthy! As the coconut oil is antiseptic the scrub can also treat body acne – a much better alternative than using an anti-bacterial soap which usually dries out your skin. I can only recommend using the coconut oil as a body scrub. Alternatively you can use it without any sugar or salt, as a body conditioner – I am very inclined to replace my Nivea In Shower Body Conditioner with coconut oil when it’s empty.
This really works. This is so far the testing I’ve been most happy about. I mean… yeah the other things I’ve tried worked fine, but I think this surprised me a lot more than the others, and that’s what makes the difference. Anyhow, you should really try this as it has worked really well for me!



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One Response to Coconut Oil TEST 5: Body Scrub

  1. I’m keen to give this a try 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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