A pop of purple

A little while back I decided that I needed a new plum pencil eyeliner! I found one from Maybelline that was on sale and decided to go with it. I later found out that it was a little more ‘electric’ purple than I thought. At first I was sceptic – I usually don’t wear many bright colours. Luckily this purple was dark enough to only add a subtle pop of colour. I’m surprised how much I liked it when I put in on, and decided to show it to you. I only added a little eye contouring with it so that the eyeliner could stay in focus. I Hope you’re all having a great Easter holiday!



About endyrved

Woman, 23, Copenhagen
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One Response to A pop of purple

  1. Love a pop of purple on brown/hazel eyes. Navy Blue is also nice but trickier to get right 🙂 Great look!

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