Test: Do eye drops help dried out gel liners?

Hello you all!
A while back I found out that two of my most cared for gel liners were all dried out. It was pretty much impossible to do anything to make them look good on you. And then I started reading about how eye drops (saline solution) are able to help get the creamy texture back.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

So today I bought some eye drops and decided to try it out. I put four drops in each, put the lid back on and waited for 10 minutes. I also put some into my open mascaras as it is supposed to help with dried out mascaras too (but I haven’t checked the results of that yet!). After 10 minutes miracles started happening with the black liner (which is from Inglot by the way). I cut the cotton off a q-tip and whirled it around and it was back! Yay! The bronze one (from Stila) took about double as many drops for it to be good, but it still worked.




I’m so excited to see if the opaqueness and longevity is still the same as before they dried out, and i really cross my fingers! But from what I can tell this works.


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3 Responses to Test: Do eye drops help dried out gel liners?

  1. Cool. I’ve not heard of this tip – thanks!

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